Navigating Excellence with AIPL Business Club: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to AIPL Business Club

AIPL Business Club stands as a beacon of innovation and professionalism in the corporate landscape, offering a dynamic platform for businesses to thrive. This comprehensive exploration delves into the multifaceted offerings of AIPL Business Club, unraveling its core features and the unparalleled opportunities it presents to its members.

Vision and Mission

At the heart of AIPL Business Club lies a visionary approach to fostering collaboration and growth. The club’s mission revolves around providing a conducive environment for businesses to flourish, facilitating networking, knowledge exchange, and strategic partnerships.

Membership Tiers and Benefits

AIPL Business Club boasts a tiered membership structure designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. From startups to established enterprises, members enjoy a spectrum of benefits, including access to state-of-the-art co-working spaces, networking events, mentorship programs, and exclusive business resources.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The physical manifestation of AIPL Business Club’s commitment to excellence is evident in its state-of-the-art infrastructure. Modern co-working spaces, cutting-edge meeting rooms, and collaborative environments are meticulously designed to inspire creativity and productivity.

AIPL Business Club

AIPL Business Club is a premium commercial office space building on Golf Course Extension Road situated at Sector 62, Gurgaon offering high end office space which exhibits a professional & modern vibe. This futuristic office space building is designed with perfect symmetry and showcases utmost precision and style, a characteristic which can be found throughout the structure. The building, on the whole, is a stunning commercial office space for sale and for lease in Gurgaon. The architect of the project is Morphogenesis – a world renowned architect and the recipient of numerous National and International awards.

AIPL Business Club is not any other standard office space building in Gurgaon, it is a place built with a modern approach, creativity, and high standards. Being one of the finest commercial projects on Golf Course Extension Road, the Business Club is already certified with LEED Gold Pre-Certification, GRIHA 3 Star Pre-Certification, and IGBC Gold Pre-Certification.

AIPL Business Club Price

Type Size (SQ.FT) Sale Price Rent Price
Office Space 5000 Sq.Ft. onwards ₹ 10,000/- Sq.Ft. ₹ 65/- Sq.Ft.

AIPL Business Club Floor Plans

 Ground  Floor

Ground Floor
Typical Floor

Typical Floor

AIPL Business Club Layout Plans

Location Map

Location Map of AIPL Business Club
Master Plan

Master Plan of AIPL Business Club

AIPL Business Club Features

AIPL Business Club has around 6,63,000 sq. ft. of office space available to be occupied by high profile corporates as it is strategically located on 84 Metre wide sector road of Golf Course Extension Road with separate site Entry to office and retail areas, it also has 17,000 sq.ft. of food court with corporate Retail , Banks, Salon & Restaurants. There is 6 Level of Covered Car Parks in AIPL Business Club. Also featuring in this commercial building is Club Floor with Swimming pool, Party Lawn, Health Club, Executive Lounge & Health Café. It offers Flexible Floor Plate option from 8000 sq.ft. to 51,000 sq.ft. with Natural Light in mostly all the offices. Landscaped terraces at various levels breaking visual monotony with Double glaze façade and Double Height Lobby with turnstiles security system. Destination Control Hitachi Lifts with less than 30 seconds waiting time. Last Mile connectivity by AIPL from the nearest metro station and Support Staff services like Changing rooms, shower room & drivers lounge

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Networking and Collaborative Opportunities

A pivotal aspect of AIPL Business Club is its emphasis on fostering meaningful connections. Through curated networking events, industry-specific forums, and collaborative initiatives, members have the opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals, potential clients, and partners, creating a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration.

Events and Workshops

AIPL Business Club goes beyond the traditional co-working model by curating a rich calendar of events and workshops. These sessions cover a spectrum of topics, from industry trends and emerging technologies to leadership development, providing members with continuous learning opportunities.

Chart: AIPL Business Club Ecosystem Overview

[Include a visual representation, such as a chart or infographic, illustrating the interconnected elements of AIPL Business Club, including membership tiers, benefits, infrastructure, networking opportunities, and events. This chart serves as a dynamic guide to understanding the holistic ecosystem of AIPL Business Club.]


Price List & Other Charges

Unit Size 500 Sq. Ft.
Sale Price Rs. 7692/- Per Sq. Ft.
Unit Value Rs. 36 Lacs
Lease Guarantee Rs. 60/- Per Sq. Ft..
Monthly Return till Possession Monthly Return for 3 Yrs After Rs. 33, 000/- (Rs. 66/- Per Sq. Ft.) @ 11%
Possession or Till First Leasing Rs. 30, 000/- (Rs. 60/- Per Sq.Ft.) @ 10%
Security Deposit From Lessee 3 – 6 Months Rental Payable by Lessee – To be Given to Unit Owner
Maintenance Charges Payable by Lessee

Industry Partnerships and Collaborations

AIPL Business Club’s strategic collaborations with industry leaders and partners amplify the value it brings to its members. These partnerships may include access to exclusive resources, mentorship programs, and collaborative projects, further enriching the business experience within the club.

Technology Integration

The integration of cutting-edge technologies within AIPL Business Club enhances operational efficiency and member experiences. From smart office solutions to advanced communication platforms, technology plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall quality of services offered.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility:

AIPL Business Club extends its impact beyond business realms through community engagement and social responsibility initiatives. By actively participating in community development projects and supporting social causes, the club exemplifies a commitment to holistic corporate citizenship.

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